YZ250F Overheating

I am going to be looking at a friend's 01 250F tomorrow because it is overheating. Just wanted to know if anyone has had a similar problem, if it is common and what might cause it. Obviously I will check fluid level, water pump, radiator cap, hoses, etc., but was wondering if anyone else has had an overheating problem that wasn't so easy to find and where I should start. Thanks for the help.

Is he letting it idle for awhile before it over heats? Is there foam coming out of teh vent hose? Mine over heats easily if it idles to long with out air going thorugh the radiator. If that is the case then don't worry about it and tell him to quit letting it idel so long.

When does it overheat? At very low speed or high speed and under load? You should find the problem with one of the items you have listed.

Does your friend run any type of radiator guards? I've heard of these causing the bike to overheat.Has anyone else heard this?

He does like to let it idle for about five minutes to warm up before he starts to ride. He does not use radiator guards. He told me that it overheated the other day while it was warming up, cooled down when he started to ride and then overheated when he stopped for about three minutes while talking to a friend who just ate it. I imagine he is letting it idle to long and has lost some fluid along the way, a little bit at a time which has finally caught up to him and presenting itself as overheating now. If he tops his radiators back up and shuts his bike down when he is not riding I think this should take care of it. I have to wonder though if he has done any other damage internally. He's the kind of guy that can ride like a Carmichael but has the mechanic ability of Homer Smith. He should have got a factory ride cause staring at a bike scratching your head won't fix it. Anyways if I find it is something more than the usual I will definately post it. I can't imagine too many people are having overheating problems because I couldn't find one previous post addressing it, even with an extensive search. Thanks again everyone.

He's letting it idle to long without air moving over the radiators. It's not an automobile, it has to have air moving or she'll boil. :)

Also, don't overfill the radiator, it needs to expand, keep it a 1/2" downwhen cold. Mike

I have a 02 250f and my bike kept spittin out water.. i was puzzled. then someone told me that it had a blown head gasket. If you buddys bike is doin it while he is ridin it it more than likely has a blown head gasket. What is happenin is the combustion is seapin by the gasket and gettin into hte water system and combustin and causin the water system to pressrize.. It might not be the problem but could very well be.. If it does it while he is ridin it take it apart and take a look at it. Im only 16 and i took mine apart and put one back in easy job. Good luck

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