valve adjustment 2001 xr650r

I am going to help a buddy do a valve adjustment on his 2001 XR 650R and I wanted to know what, if any, tricks there are to this procedure. I have no experience with the XR but want to be as much help as possible and do the job correctly. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Stonewall,

I had looked at the link in the past, and had not found it back. Now it is one of my XR bookmarks.

Thanks for the info, Stonewall. I just hope the gasket stays intact.

Gaskets?!? BRP's dont need no stinking gaskets! :)

I am happy to inform you that there are O-rings in the valve covers. :D

Adjusted mine tonight for the second time at 1000 miles of trail and motard duty. They were just fine.

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