What is the db reading on standard exhaust

Hi, I have a european 2002 WR426. These don't come with a spark arrester so there is nothing to remove. To compete in enduros in the UK it must read no greater than 85db from 2 metres. Does the stock pipe pass this? Thanks again for your help. Rich

they read 82dbv and are the only pipe just about that the scrutineers wave straight through.


No idea, but they are quiet!!!! I can now actually hear myself f*rt*ng since I replaced the Stroker SX-1 with the stock 99 Eur can!!!

What a loss in performance though...it now feels like I'm dragging a boat anchor. I should fiddle with jetting to lean it out again to recover some of the snap, but right now its as responsive as customer service on a friday at 4:59 pm

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