WR side loses premier status?

what a bunch. is this the first discussion board to fall on it's arse?

bryan started it all here and ever since we started we have had more topics and more posts than anyone else but we're about to lose out to the YZ side and the 250's are coming up very fats.


hardly anyone races, nobody is experimenting, if they are, they're not passing on the info.

where do you see posts about flywheel weights, small offset triple clamps? where are the posts on my cam timing?

what about different cams? there's nothing on the oldest subject of all-which exhaust!! :D:D

doesn't anybody do anything with any energy?

are you all just a bunch of trail riding poseurs?

we used to have some riders post on a monday about sundays race. now what? :D:D


See thread called mods???, you answered your own question.

I have just started rding a '00 WR 400. Sunday was my first ride on the bike. I just came off a 250F. What do I think? I am impressed with the bike. The previous owner had done many mods, all of which I am not sure. I do know he went to much trouble to lighten and narrow things up. DSP pipe which is very, very, loud, is my biggest concern. When riding single track, I felt behind the bike(not just when I had fallen off). Other than that, the power is there, it feels a lot like a friend's yz 426, without the problems in slow, difficult terrian. I live in the SE of USA, dense, and tight woods. Love the roll on power. At this point my technical contribution is that it is 1down and 2up. I will advise if I find more. The 250f had 5 gears. Oh well...

Taffy, unfortunantly to certain aspects I agree with you, but most likely in basics. What happened to the old guard? It seems now all we get is newbies asking what is grey wire, either nobody will respond or somebody say's, look it up in archives. Did we reach our zenith? I don't think so, yes we pretty much covered everything. But with the new 450's coming out it should start again. I think what we have lost (or about to) is our comraderie (sp?) we have laughed together, laughed at each other, pulled one another through difficult times and circumstances, injuries, even deaths that have occured among us. Nothing ever made my heart feel so good as when our band of brothers would come together to help out one another. And like all families, we would on ocasion, bicker with one another only to come back together again. I have made many new and wonderful friends right here in my own back yard, around the country and even in GB,AUS,CAN.. Your right Taffy, we seem to have lost much lately.. Where has the brotherhood gone?


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Hell...I'm Still Here :)

Mabe I should be out riding more....

Matter of fact I think I'll go out to my shop and finnish jetting the new Buddy Bike....

See Ya..

Bonzai :D

i've got a bad memory but isn't that the same wayneo that we did so much to help and who did about 50 dyno runs and went backwards? na! can't be. i'm thinking of someone else.

anyway we can expect heaps of info support, humour and just plain sharing and caring this winter can't we, can't we?




Guess I ain't fixin what ain't broke.




I've made a new friend on this page "YZ98" and meeting him brought about other new friends.

This board is great! True most of the kinks have been worked out by you ole timers here. ANd for that " I thank you" made modding my bike much easier. Thanks Taffy for the jetting help!

If you guys want to "tinker/figure out" work with the ACV on the new bikes. I have band-aided mine

just long enough to get me through the season.

And I'm sure the new bike with all the new 03 designs will "NEED" all our attention.

I've got a list of things Race Related I could talk about but not enough time to go over them in detail. Just too busy riding trying to recover my lost child-hood at 40 :):D

Yes I do race,, or attempt to

What was that about CAMS now ?? It would just have to wait till winter though.......

Honestly, if we are telling people to look up articles from the archive there is something wrong.

If that is what we want then we need to create a faq that documents the grey wire, YZ cam timing, the throttle stop (all years), jetting, etc...

We should also have reviews of aftermarket parts.

Trust me, searching through the archives can be a pain. Way too many hits from people asking questions and not enough answers.

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I for one, have been riding and having a blast. No time to yak about what needle gives me another friggin tenth of a horse. When there is something worth posting, I'll be sure to post. Right now Im having too much fun in the saddle. Besides, isnt the winter for that other stuff?

Can I add my theory?

I started ThumperTalk years ago because I couldn't get information about my new WR400. After years of talking about it, dabbling with it and figuring it all out, we old timers have our bikes dialed in. Or at least they run well enough that we don't dabble with them as much any more.

Much of the action is on forums that cater to new bikes that have that same old problem (riders don't know how to set them up correctly).

So maybe the WR side has just matured? Maybe it will get more technical once the new 450 comes out?

Bryan (First Bryan and Thumpertalk founder)...

Just to throw in my 2 euros, I haven't actually even got a WR4 yet, but I've been searching the archives to check out what's what, and there is so much info in there...I'm really impressed. My next bikle will definitely be a WR.

Needless to say I'll probably be asking a lot of daft newbie questions as soon as I've got hold of one, but I really do appreciate this resource.

Don't worry about the MX boys putting up more posts - this is a great resource - don't put yourselves down.


Originally posted by JamesD:

Honestly, if we are telling people to look up articles from the archive there is something wrong.

If that is what we want then we need to create a faq that documents the grey wire, YZ cam timing, the throttle stop (all years), jetting, etc...

We should also have reviews of aftermarket parts.

Trust me, searching through the archives can be a pain. Way too many hits from people asking questions and not enough answers.

[ June 24, 2002: Message edited by: JamesD ]

I would tend to agree with you JamesD.

I have seen numerous posts telling newbies to do a "search".

To me that answer isn't very inviting for questions to be asked.

I understand several topics have already been discussed in great length. To me that shouldn't matter.

The nice thing would be to either answer again and/or post a link to the thread were discussed.

Best way to learn is to hear/perform over and over. Things which may be unfamiliar suddenly become clear. You get the point....

Too many times I have done a search for something only to be given a bunch of choices which may or may not be helpful. For instance, lets say I am searching for Steering Damper. Any thread which even mentions Steering Damper will return a hit. Even though the thread doesn't describe in detail the benefits, help setting up... etc

Bottom line,

Make the newbies feel the love no matter how many times YOU personally have either answered and/or heard question asked prior. If you don't want to answer don't reply ! Easy huh?

This is a great site which needs encourage and/or promote discussion and questions !

Thanks for listening,


Hi I am new here and I bought my WR new in 99... digging through the archives sucks! I have just learned about de-octopussing and the greywire and some jetting specs that I might try. Thanks!

to the old timers: you are only old if you act that way. If you have lost your enthusiasm it is not the fault of the newbee.

I have been trying to find out a good way to drop my suspension for my WR to go flatracking, it seems no one is interested such fun! Tommy Haydens 426 must have been lowered about 4 inches! I believe they use spacers to limit the top out of the fork and shock, HERE is a new topic for discussion! ... and this could be a reversable Mod (non permanent).


you weren't kidding when you put AMA lifer in your footnote :)

that'll be interesting?

things aren't always what they seem and when you get the results-whether you share them or not- you'll learn a great deal. but like all this stuff it's bloody useless outside the very narrow sphere in which we play.

i'll tell you a coupla tales.

the first is that everyone says that big valves improve the top end, but on my old duke it was so pleased to be able to breath that it had better midrange and didn't touch the top end because the cams weren't helping.

when i did try just racing cams in another pair of heads i got lots of racy top end.

when i put them together... :D:D:D

the other is about the old XR500 unit. our top runners had a mk 1 cam in. that winter they all fitted a mk 2. these cams were profiles that a clever engineer would find and try. his name is phil joy and he ran joy engineering.

anyway riders complained so phil bought a flow bench. the new cams had 1mm more lift. he found out that the mk1 and the mk2 flowed the same whether the valve was 9mm or 10mm off it's seat.

he took the valve to 12mm open-just the same. 13mm, 14mm etc. phuq it! PULL THE VALVE OUT!! THE SAME.

the restriction had been the ports and nothing to do with the cams. for the bike to benifit it needed porting.

i say this knowing that you'll have sussed most if not all of this SFO but i think a few of the lads might be intrigued to hear that one!

good luck

(PS it was you that made it official that the WR revs lower) good input.


Originally posted by Taffy:

what a bunch. is this the first discussion board to fall on it's arse?


Taffy, it all started when you bought a Husaberg!

I just had a friend offer me his spare motor so I can ride and tweak.

I am working on two different with sets of cams, web, hotcams,and am trying out a big valve~valve seat head.

I am also playing with a long rod stroker set up and a billet barrel for a 100mm piston.

My goals are 500+cc displacement and 60rwhp.

I can't wait to see if the new crank(450) fits in the old cases...

It might take til the end of summer but I'll keep you posted.

well I also want to see if there is anything to the blue wire mod.

Does it make measureable changes whilst in gear?

To those of you complaining about suggesting searching the archives in answer to a FAQ, I offer this point of view:

I don't know about anyone else, but I have sometimes spent quite a long time crafting what I think is a good explanation/post/reponse to a question or comment. I even check my spelling and grammar. (Imagine that!) So when someone asks the exact same question I've answered in the past, I don't want to have to duplicate that work and/or possibly leave something out. So what do I do? I SEARCH THE ARCHIVES and look for that post. Sometimes I just copy and paste what I wrote (or what someone else wrote and give them credit for it) or just provide a link to that post. That research can take a long time to do, maybe even longer that it would have taken to recreate it from scratch. Sometimes I don't reply to a question that I know I could help with because I don't have time to do all that. So sometimes I just suggest searching the archives. The only advantage I have is that I can search by my member number to narrow down the search results because I remember commenting on that in the past. (It's kind of like my wife asking me if I know where some file on her computer is. I might get lucky and know, but I don't know the answer right off the top of my head 99% of the time so in order to find it, I would do the exact same search she would do, so all it does is take up both my time and hers. But I love my wife so I do it for her. Get it?)

So, I do not think it is unreasonable for anyone to suggest searching the archives for answers to FAQs. I always do that before I post a new question to the list, whether or not it's an FAQ. Otherwise I may miss some information that already exists because I was just too lazy to look for it. And if one seach string does not work, don't give up, try some new magic words. Get creative.

Now, I'm not trying to discount new members' enthusiasm for posting to the list. I know that we are all, at one time or another, just itching to post something or just to join in the conversation. But searching the archives is kind of like doing your homework, or like piano practice. It sometimes sucks to do it, but you are the better for it after it's done. Then you, too can bring something to the mix besides just the same old "What's a gray wire?" question.

One more thing: searching the archives would be a lot easier if we were given the option to exclude signature information from the searches. That way, if I wanted to look up "gray wire", it would only return topics which included a discussion of the gray wire and not include everyone who includes 'gray wire cut' in their signature. This would make searching a lot more powerful.

[ June 26, 2002: Message edited by: Rich in Orlando ]

100% with you rich.

i thought that most people would have a look around, get a feel for all the buttons and then "what's this search thing do here?".

night after night i came back to look at the most recent topic without joining in, asking no questions and no i didn't have any answers!

i then joined in on a discussion on what short offset Tc's did. many old timers will remember this because straight away i went in and said that they would steer quicker even though the trail had increased or whatever it does!

i would hate to be accused of not at least trying to check old posts first. what image have you made of yourself from the off?

anyway what this side needs is people who are pushing to make their bikes better and quicker all the time and are open with their info and invite others to try the same mods.

i'm now well in credit of course for the info i've handed out. (OK let's forget the bloke at 10,000ft in the sierra's who is on his 754,346th kick and hasn't been seen for two winters)but when i got here i got free advice on;

de octopuss

rejetting to it

E needle


flywheel weight


magura juice clutch


a pipe (if i'd wanted one

YZ timing


riding technique

gold valve forks

which rear spring

and lots i've forgotten

take your time and read i would say to anyone.

but we do need new info and stimulation.

one could argue for instance that SFO has been in my slipstream and i was in JD's who was in clark's. all of us have done a great deal for the WR cause and if all SFO did was sort out a cam or a valve size he will have done his bit.

sometimes the manufacturer gobbles up your hard work with the next model such as the need for SOTC's and fuel tanks from '99 to '00.

but for 95% it's all still relevant.

there's sure to be someone who will do their bit but what worries me is that seeing hard work done on the archive isn't registering in minds and that they won't feel a necessity to share with the present.


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