WR side loses premier status?

One more thing: searching the archives would be a lot easier if we were given the option to exclude signature information from the searches. That way, if I wanted to look up "gray wire", it would only return topics which included a discussion of the gray wire and not include everyone who includes 'gray wire cut' in their signature. This would make searching a lot more powerful.

I agree with Rich... and I like the posting of a link idea or the idea of some arganization of relative information. I don't mind visiting the archives so much as digging through the nonsence


I have not posted alot of responses to this site, but on occasions I have added my 2 cents. But since you are asking the original question, "does one race a WR". YES... I am 40 yo racing in the VET C class for SETRA. I have ridden my 98 WR for 2 full seasons and I can tell you the good and the bad. Most of which everyone already knows here at this site, but here goes for any newbies out there.

1. Finished 7th and 8th overall 2001, 2002

2. I average 3 stalls an enduro ( Concentration breakdowns or brainfarts, its the same.

3. I loose 2-3 points due to stalls.

4. I love this motorcycle

5. Reliable as a rock

6. Suspension now works, RACETECH

7. Its heavy at the 3 hour mark in a race

8. Versatility, MX, Enduro, Harescrambles etc.

9. I love this bike

10. To much low torque in tight stuff 14/52 gearing

11. Loves to power slide

12. The Drill ( starting)

13. Easy to work on

14. Parts availability

15. Watching other riders I catch ( not offten) automatically move over due to loud stock pipe.

16. Can't hear those pesky A and AA riders coming behind me..

17. Change the oil ( OFTEN)

18. Keep a fresh plug in if you can

19. Loves 110 Unical 76 race fuel

20. Basically stock, Emig triple clamps, Protapers, YZ tank/ Seat.

21. I love this bike...

Hopefully with next season starting I will try to post my races and how I did on the WR..

OH, Forgot, 22. Knocks small trees down with no problem

23. Hitting bigger trees hurts..

Like the other posts indicate, Most of us running the (OLDER) bikes have them dialed in and are just enjoying them. I will make one prediction. I feel I can go faster on a more nimble bike ( WR250F, etc.. So right now, Im content to accept my level and platue ( spelling) of riding that I can achieve with the 98 WR... someday I will pocess the magic button.. but until I do. Let them doggies rip....

I did get in a drag race with a Suzuki DRZ400 coming out of section of woods onto a fire road.. I could not pull him and he could not pull me. I stayed about 1 bike lenght ahead.. until my gearing ran out at about 75 mph.. at this speed I was just under the revlimiter but not hurting the engine... Thats fun....



90 Hawk GT

88 BMWk75s

"what a bunch. is this the first discussion board to fall on it's arse?"

Taffy, in response to your quote, no. Does anyone else here remember when RMD was in its heyday? (Merfman?)

This just seems to be the natural evolution of this type of forum. I participate on others like TT that are related more to Jeeps and the same thing has happend there. The "old guard" gets their rigs set up the way they like them and then spends more time on the trail than in the garage or on the computer. As newbees come on board, they ask all the same questions which prompts the search nazis to go into action with their "do a search" replys.

Fortunatly there are always a few experimenters, and while the post number may drop, the topics can still be interesting and informative.

All of those here who have contributed to the knowledge base on this BB should actually be proud of what has happened here over time. I have lurked here fo quite a while and recently rid myself of my moto only bike, replacing it with a WR. After some thorough searching (sure wish there were a FAQ page to store this info in one place) I was able to do all the mods in my sig in one evening.

Taffy, once I get a chance to try this bike on a real trail (I have only riden it on the street so far) I will be pestering you and the other jettig masters here I am sure.

Thanks all and keep up the good work.

Originally posted by Old_Novice:

...As newbees come on board, they ask all the same questions which prompts the search nazis to go into action...

Search nazis!? Hey, I resemble that remark! :)

[ June 28, 2002: Message edited by: Rich in Orlando ]

Well Said Rich...

Look Folks, Some of us have spent countless hours doing the research, applying the Mods, Posting Photos so some of the Verbally Impared have a visual map with wich to work. Personally I don't mind helping anyone and posting photo's is no problem...except when I have to post the same photo over and over again. I have posted the Grey Wire photos atleast 20 times during the past year...Since day one they are still shared on my server, so for someone to do a search on the issue and open the post the photo's are still there.

The search is great for two reasons, 1st it will answer the question from many different perspectives (Several Posts) 2nd it gives folks a better understanding of how to navigate TT....There are several Technology impared users that need the practice.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with refering new users to the search bar...However, attitude is everything and it should be done with a bit of respect and not with contempt as has been done lately.

Bonzai :)

Hey Taffy -

Here I am, lookin' for some reliability. With the FX650 half way in the grave I'm gonna need something new.

Now if they just made a WR650...

- Ken

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