Protaper universal clamp?

Anyone using the Protaper universal clamps on their Yamahas? What are the pro's and con's of using these adapters?

I used the universal clamp on my '00 WR400. It worked as well as the cool blue anodized BRP unit I had on my '01 WR250.

So, as far as I can tell, the only advantage to going with an all new clamp is,(1) It looks cool. (2) Choice of handlebar position.

I'm going to cheap-out and put on a set of 7/8 Bend-thals. Having the coolest looking bike is overated. Keep it as stock looking as possible. That way, when you go fast it's more impressive. When you go slow, you have an excuse... :)

I have been using the Rethal Jimmy Buttons (which I LOVE) but I thought I would go with protapers to get rid of the cross bar. That way I can get my gps mounted lower and more out of the way.

i use universal adapter on my 98 four-honey. it raises the bars an additional 1/4" i believe. i don't know. works fine for me, and i'm only 5'8" tall. i got the bars cheap ($75 for bars and adapters off bike being sold) or i would still be using renthals. tehy look trick, but not sure they are worth all that moola. now when i dump it, rather than bending bars, it twists the forks and you must find a tree to bang the front wheel against to straighten it out, or loosens forks. bro had a pair of renthals he would constantly bend, and we would rebend in fork of big tree. whatever. i know it's not a factory solution to either problem, but hey, i doubt any of us are on factory budgets with mechanix working for us. :)


The universal clamps?

If you mean the bar mount adapters that fit your stock clamp, then i had it on my WR4.

It raised the bars a bit but i put on Acerbis PHS bars that were on the low bend so they evened out.

I dropped a couple of times but The bars and adapters were fine but my stock clamps were teaked a bit,

especially where the bars were held.

I suggest if you are looking for the ultimate upgrade then you should buy the top triple clamp,

this will allow you to move the bars up a bit and forward.

You will also have a more solid connection between your top triple, bar mounts and handlebars.

I sold my setup and got the pro taper triple clamps and mated to a Renthal Fat Bar...

Sweet set up..

Just my 2 cents..........

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