do you race your WR?

if you race your WR put your posts up about where you race and what you've done to your machine.

finally put up what really lets down your machine.


I will be racing the WR for the first time next month. Im racing motocross with the OTHG (over the hill gang) group. Should be pretty fun. I'll be in the 30-35 Novice class.

OTHG races at tracks around southern california, next race will be at the infamous Parris raceway and after that at the new saddleback track.

My bike is stock aside from the free mods and my own tuning on the suspension.

see you at the track!

yes I am, MX,,, trying to as best I can!!

First race 2 weeks ago, haven't done that in 25 years. I got arm pump so bad on the last lap I had to quit. :):D

The bike does well on the big open tracks

but the small supercross/tight tracks. Forget

it the "Pig Bike" doesn't get it so easily.

The gap between 2nd and 3rd kills me on those tracks.

If all goes well I will be racing at Monster Mountain this weekend. Another open MX track.

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Heck yes, I race anyone I ride with! I used to run enduros, about 2 assignments ago with a friend in Oklahoma. We raced in the Texas State Chamipionship Enduro Circuit, and the Blackjack Enduro Circuit. Now I've been in AK for a year and a half, and it seems there is no offroad racing in the entire state. The closest I can get is a motocross track up the road a ways. I just can't afford to moto. I'm not too good at jumping and all the track is just giant jumps. If I get hurt, its the end of my carreer. So, I just haul butt through the hills of interior Alaska with my blue beast, a .44 mag, and about 20 lbs of survival gear. If I was going to live here more than another year, I'd consider trying to start my own racing circuit. All the dealers here only seem to know about snowmobiles and ATVs for the hunters. They might sell a lot more bikes if there was a decent racing association in town. Drawbacks of the bike? 1. Weight 2. Suspension was great my last assignment, running WFO through the desert in Phoenix, but it beats me up on the little slick roots and bumps in the swampy/tight Alaskan woods. When I sit, it tries to kick me over the bars, and the forks just seem really harsh, like they don't absorb the roots at all, just bounce and deflect. Without that steering damper, I'd be screwed!

that's all i do is race my 00 wr400! i race at sir in seattle. i'm in first place in the vet beg class. my wr is stock with a few mods(grey wire, throttle stop,air box,devol susp. and new bars.) all my freinds have gone red. having trouble hanging with the 450's at the start, but after the first turn look out, a blue bike with a head light is cooming by. realy love my 00 wr400 but i need 450 power!!!.

Yes! racing and play riding! leaving next monday for a four-day enduro race in the south of sweden.

Last year i raced a xr650 but it´s a little heavy in the woods..... I finshed 8 in my class then, so i hope to do better this year on the blue beast!!

you ride abaout 300km a day and there is six specials a day. grass, enduro, mx tracks, fire roads, and even speedway(kind of like flat-tack)Its the most fun race of the year! i have done all the free mods and i have a arrow exhaust on and i have changed the suspention springs to match my weight and riding style! On the way home from the race i am entering an other race (stångebroslaget). it´s a two hour lap-enduro, so i´m hoping for nice whether netx week!!

blue fox

your bike is known for having a very poor mid stroke problem on the front forks. '00 was a year of major mods on frame and suspension.



My first ever race on my WR will be a 3 hour endurance on a miltary proving/traing ground. Each lap is about 15-20 minutes and it has lots of WFO a few small climbs and jumps, nothing like an MX track, or so I hope as I suck big time on MX. Mods.....see the list below.

Race report will follow !!!

ive been racing my WR for 4 years now in northern Western Australia . both moto cross and enduro racing.

1998 WR 400 suspension set up, Ported head, Staintune exhaust and thats all it needs to win races!!!

I have a 95 WR250 and it has been great, of course then they were two strokers. My next one will probably be the WR450, elec start I hear..

I race in the Texas Cross Country Racing Association. Most of the tracks you are in the woods, but some do have a small motocross parts to them which has not been problem.

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taffy missing your WR??


I will have to race my WR now that I sold my CR125. While I wait for the 03'250F to arive. I raced my TT-R125L in the 4stroke class and beat a CR450F :D:) and took home a fifth place trophy... the wr was having new fork seals installed! ALL FOUR FUN

Lets see, my WR400 has been in Enduros, Hare Scrambles and National Dual Sports.

Mods are W/B e-series 12 discs, Baja Designs kit, Scotts plate holder, Twin Air /Uni filter,J Button high bars,Pirelli MT32 or 44 on front, Kenda760 on back, Panoram Speedo/Odo, JD jetting with ELN needle,Enduro Engineering Handgaurds,GYRT skid plate and some other small things.


i don't miss the yam and if i wasn't here every day it would be long gone from my memory.

there aren't half as many WR's racing this season as say, for the last three years.

i think yam should have done something about the weight but that would cost them a fortune on the production line. so they make up for this by producing even more power. at least the top boys get good results so we keep buying...

engine is a monster though



you doing the cotsworld enduro club at Tyn Twll-Llanarmon on the 4th and 25 of August,,

this is a great course, brilliant scenery,, very fast,, just watch out for the sudden bogs at the end of long fast straights :)

(i have a broken collerbone to prove it)

Okay, it is a 1998 YZ, but I just put a WR transmission in it :) . I do a couple desert races a year, and enjoy an occasional enduro, but mostly trail ride. The list of mods is long but here goes.

Excel rims (18"rear), bulldog spokes, fastway brakeline, Scotts stainless brake pins, Scotts 5mm offset tripleclamps, Pro tapers, Works conn aluminum throttle tube, Cycra pro bend handgaurds, Scotts damper, ICO checkmate, IMS desert tank, Scotts shark fin, Zip Ty remote hot start, Hebo Hyd clutch, TM designworks chain guide and slider, Scotts skid plate, Devol radiator gaurds, DID o-ring chain, intake and exhaust ports cleaned up, 2001 426 cylinder, Wiesco 426 piston, 2001 426 connecting rod, WR transmission, Zip Ty 10 OZ flywheel weight, Scotts shifter, BBR 1" shorter kickstarter, Zip Ty magnetic drain plug, Big Gun pipe, Suspension by SRD, Pirelli MT-18 tires, Long seal savers.

Next on the list, a QUIET pipe.

What lets me down, it has blown up 3 times. I finished the latest rebuild last night, started it a few min ago tonight, on the first kick. Okay, after having knee surgery 6 weeks ago, I could not start it, so a friend came out and started it for me.

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i do any cotswolds that are at waddon otherwise they're too far away. i would need to stay out and as you know that changes things.

i do TBEC's and eastern centre meetings. this weekend i'm doing a "banovallum" meeting about 8 miles from cadwell. they're a lincs based club and have 6 meetings per year so if i like it i might do more.

i will be very catious about meetings in august as it is the most important time of year for me work wise and an injury here would be a disaster.

i like the cotswold club but whaddon is their trip east and my trip west.


I Race Dist 36 Enduro's

In 1999 on my 99 WR 400

YZ Timed, WB E-series Pipe, Scotts Damper,

YZ Tank and seat, Bilatanium Hydro clutch,

14/52 gearing and Gold Valve suspension work

Ended up C 21st overall 1999

In 2001 I Raced my 01 WR 426 Stock Timing,

Stock Gearing (14/50) Stock supension, with FMF Q series pipe, Scotts damper, YZ Tank and seat,

Billatanium Hydro Clutch

Ended up C 3rd Sportsman and C 5th overall 2001

Great for hare scrambles, but a little bit heavy for MX. However, I really can't complain I got 5th in my 1st MX this year. YZ mods REALLY helped out with the control of the bike. Mods listed below.


2 Years in the Open Am class for the OMRA Cross Country Series, finished 3rd both years. Rode one Round of the National Hare Scrambles, (Oregon Round) finished 6th Open AM. Rode one Round of the WORCS, (Roseburg, Oregon) took 2nd in the Open AM.

Moved to Open Expert this year, best finish so far is a 7th.

Conditions range from snotty, roots, rocks, slick clay races, to a few desert races, and some nice woods races with decent traction conditions.

Best mod RACE TECH suspension, power is nothing with out getting the bike to hook up correctly.

Earlier I raced a 93 XR600.

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