Stock WR Rear Fender Needed

Anybody have one lying around they can part with???

check EBAY I saw one there last week


I have one that I bought from a guy and I was going to use it but bought a new WR450 instead. It can be yours for what I paid for it Plus shipping.. $60.00 ought to cover it.


Thanks but that is a little steep. I can get a new one from Yamaha of Troy for $29.95.Why did you pay $60. ??

To my knowledge no one makes a rear fender (aftermarket w/taillight) for the WR Yamahas. Stock shape and color that is!!!! I may be wrong.


Just checked Powersportspro micro fiche and they are only asking 29.95 als o. So if you want this one complete w/taillight and wiring $ 35.00 and I pay shipping.


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