Single track = dead battery

I bet your charging system isn't that bad at all. Its the cheap ass batteries they put in there. I've just replaced my second battery in three years. The minute they start loosing a little cranking power, just get rid of it.

Also, keep your bike finely tuned so it starts quickly. You only get so many stabs at the button before the battery craps out. Mine starts really easily. Be in neutral when you try to start it. A cold yamaha engine has a very, very grabby clutch that will make it difficult to turn over.

actually, I don't think there is anything wrong with my bike at all. morel of the story was that if my batery gets low, it will not charge back up at idle. In both cases I've had the failure, it was on long rocky loose down hill single track. :lol: like 2 hours down hill. durring that time the bike is mostly at idle or near idle, but because of the rocks and bolders I'll stall it often and only use a short brap to get over.

Well, with 11/55 gearing in 1st, hitting 5K would be easy! :lol:

With that gearing you could hit 5k rpms just loading the bike into the truck!

Just dont stall it.... keep it pinned, rodeo style on that nasty riverbank climb!

After Reading this whole post, I find myself asking why not just get a dam battery tender and have a topped off battery every day you ride???

under 40$ and they help batterys live longer lives, my original battery is now 2.5 years old and works perfecly still, how can you afford not to do a Battery tender. IMO.

I did mine the first week I had the bike, along with a JD jet kit and all the free mods, even greased the rear suspension all up. and YES I know this thread is old, :moon:

My WR e-start does a funny thing. If it does not start quickly like when i forget to pull the choke or stall it in water or whatever you can hear the cranking slowing down. The more you try the more the battery drains quickly and the cranking slows even more until it gives the flat battery GRRRRRRRR sound.

This is all obvious.

But the mystery is that if i leave it alone for a minute and try again it will usually crank at just about full speed again enough to typically start. Why does my battery seem to go flat but revive itself soon after ?



I have done the BD mod and now my wondeful running bike seems to have developed carb issues..will a weak battery give this impression? i know on streeet bikes weak batteries will make the bike run poorly...what you think?

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