Calgary Bike Show, New WR450

Only went for one reason. To see and sit on the new WR450 and that seat and tank combo is sweet :)

I think I will pick one up, if I can sell my 02 WR426

I went to the bike show for same reason,but I do have one on order. Now I can't wait for it to get here!!! :D:)

The bike felt much lighter. I kept going back over to the KTM 450exc and picking it up. I swear the WR felt lighter. I just replaced my STOLEN 01 with another 01, i couldn't pass on the deal it was too good. This bike had been ridden 3 times ( I know the owner ) It had the IMS Tank/seat combo, full Yosh system, hand guards, rad guards and steel braided front brake line (with the honda routing). The tires still have the nubs on them. So I will ride the 01 for at least a year. Ernie PM me on your bike I know someone looking for one!!

I went to the New York bike show to see & touch it too. I was at the show for 3 hours and 2 hours I spent on or beside the wr450f. It did not feel any heavier than the wr250f.

I agree the WR450F did feel lighter then the KTM450exc.But I did like the tripmeter on the KTM.Banffboy sorry to hear you had your bike stolen glad to hear you where able to replace it. :)


Go see or call Bow Ridge in Cochrane 403-932-2019 I think they got one in last week, but call first.


Thanks,But I have one on order through Blackfoot motorcycle.They say it should be here any day now.The sooner the better now that I got to see one. :D:)

What did you pay for it, if you don't mind me asking

No I don't mind, I paid list (8299.00) no one in Calgary will deal on them to new and in high demand. :)

What would that be in USD?

A good rate today is 1.54 so 8299/1.54=$5388 US.

So is $5300 USD :) a good price for the 03 WR450 ???

$5300 USD is a pretty good price, I have found dealers in Minnesota that will do just under $6000 USD for a WR450 but I found dealers in Ontario that are selling for just under $8000 CAD which depending on the rate could mean a WR for just under $5000 USD, sure does leave a lot of money for add on parts! :)

rad-russ...It looks like Blackfoot charged you their infamous PDI fee in your price. :)

Byron at Bow Ridge in Cochrane gave me a price of "around" $8100 when I was talking to him at the show

$5404.00 U.S. dollars is what a dealer in America pays to get a 03 WR 450 in his door. My dealer would laugh if I wouldn't pay suggested retail($6399.) and sell it to the next guy in line. He is only getting one!

I didn't think dealers in Canada will sell new bikes to the US, something to do with a $1500 fine from Yamaha if cought

No, that's not quite right. Yamaha will charge the dealer 10% of his cost if the canadian bikes gets registered for the first time in the US. If the dealer forgets to charge you an extra 10%, once you walk out the door your free. he gets nailed the 10% on the backend.

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