New Goodies Cycra/TrailTech

Cycra Hand Guards

Those that recommended them on this site thanks...they look great and work even better......but what a PITA to install. I had to cut my handle bars back, manufacture new mounts for my headlight as the triple clamp mount makes it impossible to use the stock headlight mounts. I also had to manufacture a new mount for the upper cable guide.

TrailTech Endurance (Old Name :) anoram)

Relatively easy to install if you have 1/8 inch drill and some patience. When you install make sure you attach the cable to the entire length of the brake cable, right through to the master cylinder...this will ensure you dont rip anything out due to the cable/suspension travel. I installed it with the billet holder......looks greeeaaaat. Yet to trial it in the mud, but I reckon it will last the distance, bar a head on collision with something immovable.

Get it fropm Cyclebuy....incredible service. Bob (Reinen)will bend over backwards to get your custom.

website :

email :

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