Oil Temp Gauge Dip Stick. - Any Good?

Has anyone bought one of these Oil Temp. Dip Sticks.

Are they worth the $40 US.

I saw them in the Miscellaneous section of the Baja Designs website.

I bought one for my 83 XL600 after I rebuilt it. Previously, I had an oil leak (more severe than I thought) and I blew the top end. Maybe if I had one then I could have seen the problem coming before it was so destructive. Then again, you have to pay attention to it or it won't help. It does seem to work well, though I am a little shocked at how hot my bike runs -- sometimes pushes 300 degrees! I've heard those 600s are burners, but come on! Realizing this, it has prompted me to change the oil OFTEN and the bike has been running like new for over 2 years now so I guess it's fine.

Bottom line, it's a judgement call. If you regularly change and check your oil, you probably don't need it. But in my opinion it's cheap insurance for poor boys like me if I lose oil, oil pump stops working, etc.

I have one on my WR and one on my XR. They are great. I feel very comfortable knowing that my engine is not overheated, especially on the WR where you can lose the water and overheat without noticing.

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