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Dr650 Faq

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FAQ Version 1.2; 10/25/08

This is a collection of FAQs for Suzuki DR 650. Please send in suggestions for additions or changes. Mods – please sticky this in DR forum! If this does not prove useful, we’ll kill it.

The links provided from here are from various sources. Can’t promise that everything will be up when you look for it! Many link to DR650 Wikia, as there is a ton of info there, but I figured people don’t know about it always. I have saved several things in PDF format because pictures on forums are known to disappear over time.

NOTE: It is completely possible that not the best thread or page about the specific subject is linked to in this FAQ draft. If so – please don’t get ticked off but rather PM me and I’ll fix/add stuff! This FAQ will rock if we all make it rock!

NOTE 2: Huge thanks obviously goes to people that contributed to threads and pages that I link to. Props to all of you!







Fuel tanks

Guarding and Protection (skid plates, crash bars)




Engine upgrades

Carb work and carb tuning (jetting)

Routine Maintenance


Drive / gearing

Common (and not so common) problems

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thank you for the work

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Thanks so much for doing this!

Cogent Dynamics (http://www.motocd.com/) offers suspension upgrades and brake systems for the DR; I received fast, friendly service when I ordered brake pads.

And regarding risers, please include these from Tusk:


Whoops, maybe there's a way to shorten the link. Thanks again.


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Bigboy you are amazing!🤣 Thank you very much for what was obviously a lot of effort to put this together. I'd kind of hoped that over the winter with snow on the ground in many places that it would come together.

Again, Thank you!

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Good work on the FAQ. 🤣😛


Here are a few links for the DR650 manuals.

1990-1995 - http://sonnentag.net/temp/dr650/1990...ice_Manual.pdf

1996-2008 - http://sonnentag.net/temp/dr650/1996...ice_Manual.pdf

Hosted by a user on this forum.

The links have come through abbreviated. Also, do those manuals infringe copyright?


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Just acquired a 2000 DR 650. Looks like I have some reading material. I have plenty of questions, looks like most of my questions will be answered.


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Well, unfortunately - I am not able to edit my own post (the FAQ) anymore... I guess there is a time limit. I emailed Thumpertalk folks for an exception on time limti to edit but never got a reply...

We'll see.

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This is how to install a shock from a DRZ400 (2002 or later) on a 1996+ DR650 I should have put this here earlier.


Jesse said that the DRZ400SM would be better than the DRZ400S and that I will not have to get the shock revalved for the 8.1 spring that I've ordered. (I'm about 180 with gear and ride aggressively)

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