Anyone have any reccomendations for a speedometer for the WR? I would like to know when I break the sound barrier (other than the sonic boom, of course). :)

Are people hooking up mountain bike speedos to their bikes? That seems a little flimsy to me.

Anyone have links to speedo sites? It sounded like KTM has a pretty cool one on its 525 EXC's.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Bud

Take a look at the TrailTech Endurance motorcycle computer. They are ruggedized and specifically made for off-road motorcycle applications. Alot of guys here use them and I just ordered one myself....The best prices I have seen are right here in the TT Store. Here's the link to their site.... http://www.trailtech.net/motorcycle.htm

Good Luck

Ridin MD,

I have a speedometer from a XT 225/350> I paid $ 116.00 for it. I am going to install it on my WR450. It will hook right up to the stock odometer cable. It has the tripodometer in it also.


I as well recommend the Trail Tech Panaram Computer. Mine has performed very well over the past year. It is small, light weight and has a nice billet dashboard available for it as well.

The TrailTech looks really nice and for 75 bucks, probably is the way to go. Jim, I sure like the idea of a speedo that attaches to the existing odometer cable. That would make the installation a breeze.


Ridin MD,.

The only drawback to the real mechanical speedometer is you will have to fabricate a mounting bracket. It's not real hard to do, hell I did it and used a Honda (shudder) speedo on my WR400


Another recommendation for the TrailTech unit. It is programmable for the EXACT diameter of your tire, with a 1 mm tolerance, so it is super accurate. Sensor update is twice per second, an improvement over earlier models. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a built in white LED lighting for night time use. It does have a light in it, but's it's a momentary light that goes off in about 5 seconds. The ThumperTalk store is the place to get it, check out www.trailtech.net for more info and pictures.

I loved my Trailtech unit, it was a breeze to install. Just make very sure that it is securley mounted. The clip on mine broke and I lost the computer while riding, never saw it fly off. I will be buying another one though.

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