Where is my 01 WR400 Grey wire !! Please !

After trawling through hundreds and hundreds of Grey wire mod postings,i am [b]STILL[/b] trying to locate the exact wire i need to mod my 2001 WR400.I have two 6 pin connectors coming out of my cdi.NEITHER of them contain a S*****G Grey wire !!!!!![/B] I also have a two pin connector that comes from the CDI with one Black and White wire, and also a grey Wire BUT the grey wire doesn't seem to go anywhere from the connector !!!! (so i can't see how removing it would change anything?)

Is there anybody out there that can tell me EXACTLY where the grey wire is located as it's doing my bonce in !!!! Thanx:bonk:

I am not sure of the exact specification of the european models but my Canadian model does not have the grey wire. It may be a USA only noise reduction issue.

Maybe others who are more familiar with the European WR could comment on this?

on my bike, the grey wire was in a 2 pinconnector with a black wire....the grey wire went to the cdi box

Was the 01 a 400 in the UK? On my 02 it was on the left side of the frame under the tank. Here is the diagram if it helps.



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