I ordered the ekp needle over the phone and the salesman must have heard ekt-which is what I ended up with. Where does this needle stand compared to ekp?

The EKT is slightly leaner in the straight part of the needle affecting closed to 1/4 throttle,after 1/4 throttle both needles are the same.If you use a #48 pilot jet there should be no problem.




Sounds very lean just off idle. See if it hesitates right from the crack of the throttle. Roll it open very slowly to check.

You may need it in clip #4 and with a #48 1 turn out as Andrew said.

The needles in order are - EKM EKN EKP EKQ EKR EKS EKT from rich to lean.

could be the needle you've always wanted jd!!!



mail me please


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