2001 WR400 GREY WIRE MOD.... Does anyone know?

Where is my 01 WR400 Grey wire !! Please !

After trawling through hundreds and hundreds of Grey wire mod postings,i am STILL trying to locate the exact wire i need to mod my 2001 WR400.I have two 6 pin connectors coming out of my cdi.NEITHER of them contain a S*****G Grey wire !!!!!! I also have a two pin connector that comes from the CDI with one Black and White wire, and also a grey Wire BUT the grey wire doesn't seem to go anywhere from the connector !!!! (so i can't see how removing it would change anything?)

Is there anybody out there that can tell me EXACTLY where the grey wire is located as it's doing my bonce in !!!! :lol:

i don't think the uk models need the grey wire mod done, i kinda think they have this done from the factory

I can't speak for the UK Model, but the Grey Wire has been a US mod since the '98 WR400. On the '98 WR400 the Grey wire is in the two pin connector and, if I remember correctly, it's two wires in and one wire out.

I will probably have the tank off this weekend and will double check.

You're right. I must have looked up a YZ by mistake. :lol:

Sorry to mess you boys about but it isn't a uk model as i stated earlier (my mistake) as the speedo is in Kph,so it must have been imported.

Does anyone know why they would fit a grey wire (on the two pin connector)out of the CDI that ends up going to nowhere!!! It just goes into the conector one end and stops.


Here's a page that'll give you a how-to with pics. If you don't have the plug in the pics, then you don't have a gray wire. Most, if not all, of the free mods are detailed on that site. Hope it helps.

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