Baja Designs Exhaust Insert

Has anyone tried one of these yet? Looks a lot bigger than the W B Vortip.


Guy, I have a White Bros Vortip in my WR400. Just purchased a new 426 and ordered the Baja Vortip. Should be here any day and I will post my findings. I went Baja because it looks like it will flow better, but pictures can be deceiving.

I bought my '99 with a BD kit already on it. The guy said the exhaust insert was from BD, too, and I don't know what a stock WR's looks like.

This one has 4 unequal length smaller tubes on the inside, a spark arrestor screen, and just slips into the end of the pipe. Does that sound like the critter?

It does make the bike quiet, but I notice a power difference when I pull it out. I simply remove it at the track and reinstall for the street.


Do you have any way to check the sound level of the new Baja tip? Will it meet the magic "94dB"? The tubes certainly look bigger, plus there's one more of them. Hmmmm.

I do not have access to a sound test. From previous posts the WB Vortip tests 90-91db and Jim Patterson had the Baja tip is a 426 and I think he tested at 93-94db. I would consider shipping the tips to a TTer who could sound test and evaluate performance on the two. To much snow up here for me to do it.

My white bros. tested at 90db or so. One thing to look out for regardless of brand is welding overflow into the tubes. I noticed mine had a 1/2" dia. tube about 1/3 closed off from weld blow through - had to ream it out.

My Vortip tested 89 dB by both the DNR and the CCC. I have access to an industrial SPL meter, but my bike is in the house for bearing service, an 03 E-cam, and a dual sport conversion.

I just got one last week, the pipe looks smaller than the picture.It tested at 90db, as for the performance, good low end ( maybe an improvement, it must like the back pressure )a little drop in the middle and a big drop on top, but better than the stock tip.I might try and cut down the inter pipes to get it closer to 96db and maybe get a little top end back

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