Glenn Hellen what is needed

What else could i do to get ready for World Vet Nationals!

You guys have me dialed in on the tire's so i thought i'd ask what else should a guy do.

Train, ride, then when you are sick of roadbiking and training, train some more. If you are happy with your suspension then you are ready.


make sure they are working and they don't overheat.

and practise going down steep hills really really really fast.

Will they be running the full track?

Good point

I remember last year steep hills.:lol:

Was not used to that, You made a very very Good point.:lol:

Have no idea on suspention, going to try 8 clicks out on rebound and maybe 1 3/4 on rear high speed ????????????. :p

Ride both practice days, thursday ,fri and get your suspension dialed then. Put you head down on sat and sun and race hard!

They will be running the track backwards, Can't wait!! Driving down on wed.

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