WR450 fork question

Are the 2004 WR 450 forks the same size as a 2003 YZ 450?? i found a used fat bar tripple clamp for the 03 yz and wanna put it on my 04 WR if its the same. Does anyone know for sure if this is a direct swap??

WOW!!! 24 views and no one knows or has an opinion? thats weird

It will work but the mounts for the wr odometer might not be there.

ok thanks for the info guys. Im not worried about the odometer mounts as i have a trail tech & mount.Thats the whole need ofr the other clamp for the fat bars.I have fat bar mounts now but the new trail tech mount bolts to the factory bolt holes and thats where the adapter s bolt for the fat bars so it created a mounting problem. :lol:

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