Whats up eveybody?First time here.Been on DRN for about a year and seem to get alot of attitude from some of the people there. Hopefully you guys and girls are cooler.Just picked up an 07 yz450.first thumper I ever owned.I had mostly Honda cr's and decided to give a 4t a try.Man, what a bike. love it so far.Planing on going to mototown in the very near future,its an indoor MX track in Ct.the bike is completly stock,if theres any mods worth doingto it let me know. thanks in advance.:lol:

Welcome. I trust you read the rules thoroughly before posting. If you didn't, don't tell anyone, just go do it.

Familiarize yourself with the Common Threads Sticky, always near the top of the Forum Index. Learn to use the site search engine, especially the advanced search.

Usually, the attitude you get in this corner of the site is the one you bring with you. Not a bad group of guys. Enjoy yourself, and don't ask if it's normal for your header to glow, or I'll have to show you The Picture :p


That place still exists?

BTW Welcome!

thanks guys.I have read all the rules and plan on enjoying the site.:lol:

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