WR 450 Ship notice

My dealer has a release (ship notice), bike should be at Michigan dealer in 1 1/2 weeks. I may know of another one available in SE Michigan this month also.

Mine is on the way also, we should have a lot of posts about the new bikes before long.

my dealer said my bike has been shipped and it will arrive this week !! YAY !!!!!!!!!!

Ditto :)

For all of you guys posting on this thread: Are these the first WR450's to show up at your respective dealers?


Where is your dealer???

I'm jonesing BIGTIME for mine here in NJ. :)


I'm gettin' a woody :)

That's great mine is confirmed for Feb 5, I have received all the extras, grips, muffler, front disk, handle bars, etc. but no 450!! I'm getting crazy about it.

congrats!! tell us how it works

bikes are in the whse, deliv in 2 weeks

I talked to my dealer today, They're only getting 1-WR450 and 1-WR250 for January. Then the same shippment in March. After that they'll be trickling in.


Just rcvd Confirmation that mine is here last week Jan/ First week Feb :D:):D :D

I will definitely need a few days leave!

I'm in Oklahoma and my dealer said mine would be here late this week or early next week.

My dealer told me mine should be here this week or next. Can't wait.


Where is your dealer located? I'm getting my 450 in Chickasha. The dealer there gets his delivery updates from me (and I get my info on TT)! Hope it arrives this week...

I just talked to my dealer. He say's he will be getting in three in March. The last time he heard it was Jan. He said he will be doing some more research on this and let me know as soon as he knows. I have a very good dealer, and have been doing business with him for 25 years. I trust what he says. Dealer name is Thompsons Yam,Kaw, Suz of Huntsville TN.

When I was shopping for my WR, I first went to the dealer closest to my house.. They told me in no uncertain terms that their first WR450 would arrive in March. I went down the road a few miles and another dealer told me they were expecting theirs around christmas (this was back in September.) If your dealer is being told March, its because they did not order any of the initial shipment (the production lines keep running, but the sea containers only ship out periodically - its cheaper per container to fill a cargo ship once every 2 months than to send a few boxes every day, hence the January to March gap) As the season gets on to nicer weather, Yamaha ships many more units stateside and so ships more often. Check some of the other threads... the bikes are arriving in dealerships NOW. I would suspect that his 'more research' probably involves calling around to other dealerships to see if one of them has a WR450 they would be willing to trade... :) Either way, i hope it comes soon for you.

Yamaokie: My dealer is in west tulsa/sapulpa.

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