wr400 plastic kit?

where can i get complete BLACK platic kit for my wr400 2000 mod?

enybody??? HELP!!!

it might be me, but i can only find front fender and side panels...

Black fenders and side covers you can get from Acerbis (the YZ400/426 rear fender will fit fine). I've got Acerbis black side covers on my WR426 and the fit is pretty good. I had to modify left one slightly to fit over the overflow tank but it fits well now. I've also got black radiator shrouds made by Polisport, unfortunately they only list blue ones on their website now so they may not make black ones anymore. Acerbis don't seem to make black ones anymore either. UFO Plastics list everything you need on their website, you could try them.

I am also looking to convert my 2000 wr400 to all black so any links are great! My bike came with a YZ style tank/seat. Would this mean I need YZ radiator shrouds?

it might be me, but i can only find front fender and side panels...

Give Acerbis a call. Maybe they can put a kit together for you and save you some $$. :lol: I got black YZ side covers from them for my wr426 and they were even marked indicating where to trim for the recovery bottle.

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