Specific sound info.

I live here in Colorado and I have been trying to find out what the legal DB level is. I talked to a guy with the FS here and he had no idea. He told me not to worry because they don't have any equipment to check. What is it in CA? Wouldn’t it be the same on all national forests?

I am looking for a government site preferably USDA Forest service that states sound requirements for 2003. Any other articles or links would also be helpful. I know allot of you guys out there have some good info. Thanks for any help.

so, none of you have any info????

We ride all the time in national forest here in oklahoma never heard of a sound test LESS sound= more ground stock is best

I think I read somewhere that it's 96db


Here, in California, our sound limit is set in our Vehicle Code, which is state specific. The guideline, SAE JS1287?, is adopted but is an accepted procedure. The State requirement is enforced in the NAtional Forest because the National Forest has no such guideline. They adopt the local requirements. ie driving OHV on street, etc, etc,. Check your vehicle code.

Tom (I will be Colorado in the summer, hook me up some riding spots!)


Tom, I think I can let you in on some sweet riding we have it all desert to high mountains and everything in between. PM me for more specifics. :)

Don't know about Colorado. California is new as of Jan 1. Bikes 1986 model year and older limit is 101db, bikes 1987 and newer 96db. Doesn't matter if they are red sticker (competition only) or green sticker (off-road legal all year). This is not a Federal standard, but a California one. If Colorado doesn't have such a law, they won't likely carry test equip until a law is passed.

Suffice it to say that laws that are essentially enviro in nature that start in Calif tend to migrate to other states.

Better start checking up on what your state legislature is doing now. Once they pass the law, it's too late to stop it.


Thanks E.G.O. for the link, and every one else for the input. This helps, it's sad that the public knows more about some sensitive issues than the people who are trying to enforce them. :)

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