Wanted: Good suspension set-up guy or business in Phoenix

Looking for suggestions........ I have a 2007 WR450 and need it dialed in for my wieght and have never done it before. May need stiffer shock spring. Thanks

trick stix. call stitch 480-357-6200.

he's the crew chief for warthog racing, and is one of the best around.

good prices too.

tell him kimo sent you.

+1 for stitch!

Another option is to get the video from http://www.motopowervideo.com that shows you how to disassemble, clean and reassemble your suspension. It also shows how the valves operate and how to change the shim stack but doesn't give specific guidelines on what to change since it's different for everyone.

Someone on TT will likely have a shim stack recommendation for you to try based on your weight and riding preferences. You can use that information in conjunction with the video to modify your own suspension. It's cheap and fast (about 2.5 hours for newbees) to service your own suspension. And you can easily make minor mods once you know how.

Good luck

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