fork swap on '79 XL75

what are my options?




Wouldn't mind swapping triples and converting to disc brake...

what's possible and what's easiest?

Has anybody done it?

All XR75/80/100 and CRF80/100 forks will blot right up provided that you use the triples for the forks. If you want disc brake, then 1986 CR80 Forks are the way to go.


thank you...

the Ebay search begins, now that I know what to look for..

as far as the front wheel, as long as i don't convert to disc my front wheel should work right? if i convert to disc i'll need the wheel, disc and master cylinder, anything i'm forgetting?

Is there a year range or is it all XR 75/80/100?

I found a set of '95xr100 forks on ebay but they say '86 and up...

XR/CRF80-100 Forks are the same, but the 100 forks are longer. You will also need the triples. 1979-1984 XR80/100 are the same, but the 100 are longer. I believe all 75 forks are the same.

74-75 Cr125 forks and triples will work on it also. ANY XR/CRF80-100 frontends will work, 1986-93 CR80 frontend will work and give you a disc brake, and if you really want to go balls out, Get the tk racing stem, and get a 97-present kx80/85/100 front end, for disc brake, modern, inverted forks. But to even it all out, you'll need some sort of extended swingarm like a dualshock XR or XL 100 swingarm, and some longer shocks, and probably a

16" rear wheel

I have a complete front end from a 1988 xr 80 if you are interested

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