Is Anybody Running A Rekluse Clutch In Their WR450F

are you saying it still doesn't engage fast or hard enough with the heavier wedges installed? i found there was too much clutch slipping in higher gears at lower revs with lots of throttle so installed the heavier wedges. it now engages quickly at just above idle which is perfect for my type of riding, but sounds like you are having a different experience?

the EXP works equally as well on the berg 570 now. and any dirt bikes i get in the future will have to be rekluse-capable. :ride:

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I installed a Z-start Pro in my 2012 a couple of weeks ago and have ridden pretty much daily on a dirt course close to home. Yesterday I had the opportunity to ride much more technically challenging trails at Pipestone (Montana). The initial install was using the medium spring as recommended, but clutch engagement was too abrupt. Changed to the heavy spring and engagement was more gradual off idle, so it is more like feathering the clutch for low speed control. When throttle is applied though, there is absolutely no doubt I'm in gear; no issues getting as much rear tire spin as I want. Can also be at a standstill or very low speed, apply throttle and lift the front wheel. Absolutely no clutch slip once it's engaged. I see the Z-start as a total win-win for bike handling.

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