PA / MD Riding

I live in South Central Pa and am looking for a nice place for my son and I to ride. We have tried Rausch Creek and enjoyed it, but still looking for something else. Any info would be great. Thanks to all who reply...

Great Forum..Learned alot...



Here is a page with a list of areas in the PA MD areas. I don tknow if your looking for MX or woods riding, but Tower City, Rausch Creek, Traxx, and Paragon are all great places to ride. All but Paragon have MX tracks. I would think these areas wouldnt be more than 2/2 hours from you. Not sure though Im from NE PA. If you dont mind the drive I may be able to tell ya of a few more. Check it out and if your gonna attend any D6 races get ahold of me.


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