Wr 450f voltage regulator

I recently replaced my voltage regulator(on the right hand side near the handle bars) and my bike has not blown a bulb sence, but the volts coming back to the battery are off the scale is there another voltage regulator on the bike that controls the volts going to the battery?

I'm guessing that you are talking about a 07 +wr450 . anyhow in that regulator there is also a rectifier . what voltage is going to your battery ? is it sending ac or dc?

yes it is a combined unit, at least on my 05 it is. i was blowing my bulbs bit voltage was fine to battery, had to replace regulator/rectifier. all is good now. Was it a new regulator/rectifier, if it was used maybe was off a yz, they don't have rectifiers just regulators, same as older wr426/400's

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