A leaf fell into my crankcase

Sounds like Mother Nature is getting back at you for something!

Take the time and get that leaf out of there. It could cost you if you dont. Just my two cents.

a gram of prevention is better than a kilo of cure!!!

You metric guys!

I don't know why, but the original "english" version with "ounce" and "pound' just rings better.

Well, I usually don't gamble but I rolled the dice this time.

The frikin leaf seems to have vanished. I removed the ignition cover, the leaf was not there. I drained the oil and there was no sign of it it either. I flushed the crankcase with a couple of litres of cheap auto oil, still no sign.

I finally topped it up with oil, reassembled my head, started it up and went for a ride.

I gave it another oil change, still no sign.

This might have been another bonehead move. I'll let you know if my engine ever blows up.

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