Frame cleaning on 07 WR450

What is the best way to clean off the dark staining from boots or riding pants on the alumi frame? I know it's a dirtbike but that area looks like s*%t after a good washing on the rest for the bike. Also, is there a good protective solution out in the market for that area of the frame? Thanks

if it bothers you too much you could buy some carbon fiber frame guards . I've cleaned mine with just some soap and a scotch-bright pad.

fully polish it bro!


WR 07 frame guards part number 5TJ-W07040-00-00

Those frame gusrds are perfect but I can't find them in the US. Seems like all the Yamaha dealers except here in US offer them. Wierd.

WD 40 and a scotchbrite pad , takes about 5 minutes a side, and they look like new again.:lol:


I just use one of those scouring pad/foam pad combos that are meant for dishwashing. While the bike's wet and has my cleaning solution on it I just give the frame a scrub and it cleans up in a minute or so. Comes off really easily.

Lightspeed makes carbon fiber covers for the wr/yz450. They look sweeeet.

Green scotch-brite pad when I wash the bike.

What good would frame guards do? Then you'll just have the ugly black scuff marks all over the frame guards!

How about a little clear vinyl sticker material (available at any decent moto shop for about $20 for 2 ~14x20 inch sheets) wrapped far enough around the sides so it doesn't even scuff it up in the first place. It's reasonably cheap and a package of 2 sheets should last a long time. :lol:

Just a thought.


Carb Cleaner works the best for me. I spray a little on a terry cloth and the black rubs off really easy. I also use carb cleaner on my plastic to remove scuffs and the black marks from my pants on the radiator shrouds. Don't use brake and parts cleaner on your plastic because it will eat it.

I know exactly what you guys mean about the black patches, but mine seems to have gone really shiney where the boots rub. Does the scotch pad and wd-40 work to get these shiney patches back to the matt finish like the rest or are you just talking about the black marks?

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