06 Yz450f

I have found an 06 YZ450F for $3200. Is that price a little steep or is that okay. Please let me know.

Sounds about right:thumbsup:

Lowest value on NADA is 3250.00 I'm looking for a 06 or 07 so far best Ive found is 06 for 2880.00 and 07 for 3500.00,I live in cailfornia.

There are tons of 07s being sold around here for about $3600 does anyone know why.

There was a 08 YZ450 posted this morning on the Sacramento craigslist for 3800.

Any extras.

Nope no extras extremely stock!

I bought my 06 for 2700, i thought that was a good deal

I just bought a 07 for $3500 with about 2K in aftermarket on it

Those are great deals i hope i can find somethin like that

lol great deals eh?.

i payed 5g for my 06, only 6 month ago.

they still sale for 4500-5000 in canada.

it was in mint shape with about 30 hours when i got it.

i heard around tt that some people pay 1500 for 03-05 yz450fs. here in alberta 03-05 start at about 3500 for a well used one.:lol:

before i got my bike i saw atleast 5 450s and i only trayed to kick 1 of them,it couldnt even wheelie in 3rd gear.

At this time and our economy those deals will be a dime a dozen

Dont worry more will be coming available

Sounds good to me...you might be able to find an 07 for that price too.

Sold my 06 a few months back for $3650, in outstanding condition. Sold my 08 CRF 450 for 5K a few weeks ago.

Paid 7600 for an 09 CRF that needs suspension work....Something tells me I'm losing money somewhere.

Its too bad as soon as that new bike hits the dirt you lose your butt.

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