no spark

MY WR400 has been runninig great. Rode it Last Sunday, no issues. Went to start it WED, got it running for a few seconds... then it just quit... no stumble, still had the choke on, turned it off... gooses the throttle QUIT

WOULD NOT restart!!!

tried for about 20 minute to restart... NOTHING. tried again Thursday.. nothing. Tried today... NOTHING

Fuel.. check

removed the spark plug and grounded to frame NO SPARK.... I mean ZERO...NADA.

replaced plug... still NOTHING

checked fuses and connections... all look good.

WHY would I SUDDENLY lose my spark without warning?

Thanks in advance!!

i had a similar problem about a week ago. running like charm and then FA

First can you remember playing/tinkering with anything around electrical. Check that your kill switch isn't earthing, best to just disconnect to rule that one out. Next cheak all connections, check them agian and then a week later recheck them. My problem was a coupling had come lose from the CDI but was not completly off so didn't look lose. Failing that look at nuetral safety switch and then finally test coil as per manual. But because it was fine and then has just died id say theres a fair chance that its a lose plug somewhere

good luck mate!!

That's what I was thinking, just didn;t know if there was a "scientific" way to figure it out rather tahn trace ALL teh wiring:bonk:

NO resistance through the "primary coil" is bad... right?

could be, make sure you are testing in the correct method thou and are using the right tool cos i tried to test with a shitty electricians multimeter and got nothing so yer, test it on another bike if you can,

I just had to replace a coil on my 05 WR.

The bike would run fine about 5 times around the yard then die. Once cooled it would start right up and repeat the cycle.

My primary was way out of spec on resistance but the secondary was an open circuit, no resistance.


I was using an OLD analog MM.

tried again with a digital. Primary is barely in spec, and secondary is WELL w/i spec


time to start checking wiring

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