Valve shim swap?

Hello! I'm new to the list, but I know some people on TT from various mailing lists such as SabMag, SV650, CCS, WDCR, etc. I am in the middle of a valve adjustment and was wondering if the group had a "keeper of the shims" that I could get two 200 shims in exchange for a 180 and 185 shim.

I suppose this is in the opposite order than I should have done, but to introduce myself, I bought Matthew Patton's WR400 a couple years ago, with a sweet supermotard setup as well as the stock dirt rims so I've been ripping around the streets year round here in Maryland and I'm starting to do more dirt as I find more paths and places on the sides of roads. Maybe next year I'll start finding some parks and "legitimate" places to ride dirt. :lol:



The shops I deal with will usally swap shims no problems just try a few local shops in your area.:lol:



If you bought one of those shim kits that are available you'd have every shim you'll ever need.

They make life a lot easier and eliminate any delays trying to track down particular shims.

Yes, I bought one myself.


Thanks, guys. I did find a shop that will do the swap for free, but sadly I realized that at current gas prices I may as well just buy them from the shop that is somewhat on the way home. =)


I could get two 200 shims in exchange for a 180 and 185 shim.

I'm curious here - did you just do the 450 Ex cam swap? That would explain the larger size shims. Otherwise you seem to be going in the wrong direction. The valves usually recede into the head requiring thinner and thinner shims.

You know, I thought needing bigger shims was curious, myself. Unfortunately, I don't know what the deal is since this is the first time I've opened the motor since buying it. It may or may not mean anything, but it was only the exhaust that needs replacing so maybe you're on to something. I still talk to the seller from time to time so I'll ask.



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