650 L Exhaust

I posted this under the Dual sport site but did not know if I would get alot of responces. I wanted to hear some experiences with exhaust on the 650L. I have found that Big Gun, FMF and White Bros make exhaust but that are hard to find for the 650L. I have found alot for the 650R. I also wanted to know what kind of frame mod's need to be done on the 650L to fit an Acerbis 5 gallon tank?

Hi. Sorry to say, but since the 650L is not as popular as the 650R, finding a good aftermarket exhaust system won't be as easy as finding one for a 650R. I almost bought a 650L a year ago because of the E-start, but came across a great deal on a 650R instead, and bought it. I'm glad I did, it's a great bike with superb aftermarket support. Also the power output and handling is truly incredible, something the 650L can NEVER measure up to, no matter what mods you do.

The L is based on the 600 off-road only. Almost any mod that will work on the 600 will work on the L. Seeing how the XR600 is the most popular dirt bike ever built, you shouldn't have any problem with a lack of mods. Cross-check some part numbers, stock or aftermarket and see. The only benefit to buying a exhaust specific to the L, is it is probably quieter.

Thanks forthe suggestions. I called Baja Designs and they told me the same thing. They said that the exhaust for the XR 600 isthe same as the 650L. I appreciate the help

I ordered the FMF Q series today. I will let everyone know how it works.

T, If you take out the exhaust baffle you will see enormous improvement and may feel you don't need a new exhaust. Also open intake. It slightly increases low-end noise giving it an attractive, Harley type pitch, but much quieter. If you hit the street, you will be glad the traffic can hear you better.

I used Supertrapp style exhausts on my '93 XR650L before settling on a Thumper Racing insert. It redirects the exhaust flow downward, yet opens up the flow noticeably. This was a few years back, but it worked well then.

There is plenty of aftermarket support for the L. True the R is more powerful. It is also more uncomfortable, lacks electric start, and will never be as good a true dual purpose bike as the L, no matter how many street legal kits you stick on it. Riding one on the road, for any length of time, is a truly miserable experience.

E bay!

I installed the Q series yesterday with no problems. I also added a uni filter. I fired her up nd took off to see if I needed to rejet. WOW, the sound alone was worth the money. I felt a slight difference in the tork but a major difference in the throttle responce.


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