07-08 engine cases interchangable?

Are the 07 and 08 engine cases the same? can they be interchanged? I need cases for a 07 yz450 if anyone can help me out it would be a big help. Thanks

I know they have differant part #'s between a 07 and 08 yz450f but I'm fairly sure the only differance is the 08 case is black

2s2-15100-00 is the main case # for a 07

2s2-15100-20 is the main case # for a 08

If all you want is black why not just have your's powdercoated? what's wrong with your cases?

broke, why would i change just to get a different color

I was just wondering why you would not just buy 07 ones .

they must be broken bad , I'm guess they will cost well over 450 bucks to replace the them . are you sure they can not be repaired?

yeah, no repairing. broke wide open. I have found a set of 08 cases for a very good price, that is why i wondered if they would fit.

that's cool to find a great deal. But why did you post this question in the wr forum not the yz one ? I'm sure someone other there would have had your answer.

It is the same motor. They will fit.

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