Need Plastic Ideas

Do to a recent nasty get off I

busted up the plastic number plate for the headlight....and many other items :)

I want to toss the number plate, head light, the odometer and cable. With that I would also need a plug of some sort where the cable goes into the front hub.

Thanks in advance!

Go to Ty Davis' site Zipty racing or Terrycable's web page .

Heres the answer to your prayers:


Its called a odometer eliminator (good name eh! :) )

Check it out at

Just get a YZ front spacer and seal, then replace the odometer sending unit altogether - done.

Phillips, If your headlight itself is still good, PM the Bman, He's looking for one..$$


Cheap solution is to grease the hole as much as possible then plug it with the right size of cap which fits over the threads. Did this months ago and no problems.


You would think we were all making a precentage of the sales off of the odometer spacers were each pushing! :):D:D HA ha

seroiusly though.....

<font size="1"> (completely replaces odo housing. Its the trickest!)</p>

WOW thanks for all the replies guys!

That odometer eliminator is looking pretty good from here :)

SoCalWR426 Phillips, If your headlight itself is still good, PM the Bman, He's looking for one..$$

SoCal, still haven't decided if I'm going to keep the bike or trade for the new YZ. Kinda torn on that issue cause I'm also interested in signing up with a club membership to ride the Cumberlan mountains and I know the WR would be better for that. Hell I just might keep it and get the YZ...... :D:D

In shorter form I just need to hold on to as many stock parts as possible until I make that decision.

s phillips i just replaced my drive and still have the old one with the stripped gears. if you want it for a spacer i'll send it to you.

I did the same as Missile. Went to the Auto parts store and bought a pack of black rubber vacuum caps. Found one that fit tight and sealed it off. Not as trick as the spacer but you don't even notice the black rubber cap and it has worked well since I put it on (8 months ago).

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