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The Perfect WR 250!!

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I almost decided to purchase a new WR300 - but decided to make the perfect bike out of my 2006 WR250.

Here is what I plan to do:

1. Upgrade the motor to 300cc with the OEM kit (cylinder, piston & power Valve)

2. Swap the TMX for a PWK carb

3. Do the 6 speed swap for the 5 speed.

I live in the SE - the 250 power is fine here - but we ride at altitude in CO and above 10K feet, need more beans for the technical stuff.

Thanks to everyone for all of the great information on the threads that gave me the inspiration...

I do need some help:

1. Has anyone done the 300 kit AND the PWK? Any jetting info?

2. I need help sourcing the 6 speed from a 250 or 360 (1992 to 98) or the 360 from 92 thru 2002 - I will be checking with Hall's, Up-tite etc...any other ideas are appreciated.

I cannot wait to get this project underway.



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Check out this site for deals on 90's era 250/360's.


There are a number of 360's for $1000 or less that will work at least for the tranny part swaps and still leave you with many parts to sell. Another possibility is to get one and just swap out the motor and put the 360 in your 06 frame and the pwk. I have done this and it makes a great bike that would be awsome and for far less money than the 300 kit. At least something worth trying before you fork over for the 300 Kit.


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