Anyone riding Kennedy Meadows this weekend

I'll B riding Kennedy Meadows this Friday & Sat. for the first time this weekend with 4 friends. I'm looking for any TT's to possibly hook up with. I have private property 15 miles from Kennedy Meadows that we will be staying at. :)

Dang it!!!!!..... :) Where were you weekend just past...I was dying to get my buds to go! Everbody was too busy..Bman and I had to settle for one day of Gorman..Did 100+ mi.. Gota handfull of blisters and some heatstroke (puked my guts out) found out 50oz of H2o is not enough for me to run on... Man it was great!


I would love to go but cant make it on short notice. We should get all the TT'ers together for a trip up there. I know there are quite a few of us around.

If you give me about a week or two notice I can make it next time.

have fun man, here are a few pics of my trip up there a few weeks ago:

Kenney Trip

OOOO.. Make sure to bring some jets!!! The riding is at about 7000 feet. I have all stock jetting and went from a 165MJ to a 160MJ. Didnt mess with the needle. The bike was ridable but by no means on the power.

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I've never been there but I saw the turnoff for it last week coming back from Mammoth. What is the riding like there? I'd like to go check it out but don't think I can make it this weekend.

This next weekend won't work for me. I have been thinking about going there since everyone talks so highly about it.

Several camp areas limit the size of your RV. We have a 33' toy there enough room in the camp areas for something that big??

I would guess spark arresters are mandatory. I have a greenie for the 426 but only a red for the 125. Will a red work??

Riding at 7000' would be really nice when it is 100*+ around these parts.


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Trees, rocks creeks, climate change from Desert to extreme elevation. My friend has rode the Idaho 100 2X (ISDE qualifier last year) & said this is the best riding short of Idaho.

Kennedy is red sticker OK year round so there are no issues with green or red.

more info:

Kennedy info

I just got back from Kennedy meadows last week (19,20, ) June. The weather was hot and very dusty, however we enjoyed every minute. Take lots of water, and I reccommend using disposible covers on your air filter to change frequently. If you are up for a few more hours of driving go to Bishop CA. The riding area there is so vast you will be in heaven. Inquire about Coyote flats (5000 - 10,000 ft.) in Bishop, the best riding in CA.

My WR is green stickered (99), I just received some info I requested from the Forest Service. Now I find out you cannot ride on class 3 dirt roads w/o a liscense plate. When I checked all the forest service trail maps there is no indication of "Class 3" diret road. I called the forest service at the Cannel station & she said anything on the map with double dashes is closed to off road bikes. 2 weeks ago I checked the Chimney Creek road from my property & it NOT posted "No OHV vehicles". When I asked the forest service if the maps are not marked & the road not posted how is anyone to know if its legal...She said you just have to know AAAUUUGGGHHH. Now I have to drive my truck 45 minutes - 1 hour to the single track trail head. Has anyone been hassled for riding on the 4x4 dirt roads. I would dual sport my WR (I allready have the kit) but now with the gas tank hassles at Alamo Mtn. its not worth it.

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