New to the sight (Suspension ?)

Hello, I am new to the site by two days. I have found this to be the best web site out there. I own a 2001 wr426 and have just started racing it. I am having my front forks retuned by TBT tomorrow. Not sure if i should have new springs put in it. I have never raced before and I pretty much suck. Place 14th overall in my first race 250 beginner. My last bike was a 84 xr 100. I have noticed a slight difference between the two. :):D Anyway i am extremely new to this sport and racing and i am hooked. For those of you who are interested i will let you know about my adventures. Also i am looking forward to suggestions on the bike. I am completely ignorant with all the jetting and carb topics. Mechanically challenged. But i am confident that i can handle cutting the grey wire. Thanks for all the help and looking forward to some new freinds. :D



You will find lots of useful info and a lot of great people here.


tuning is a matter of personal preference

first you need to check sag there is free sag and rider sag this will take a couple of people to help check. then there is fork/shock oil, what weight do you need and what level in your forks do you want? then there is your riding style and type of riding you do most, your weight and attitude should all be considered by your tuner if he is not asking you these questions then look for some one who will.

springs why change those? ... a lot of information is in your manual! start there! I recomend finding your stock suspensions weakneses and going from there.

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