This blew me away

I'm so torqued off right now, I'm ready to box! The head guy at California Wilderness Coalition told me a few weeks ago that his organization supports off-road activities. YOU tell ME if they are looking for a solution:

Between you and me, This guy is a lying sack of s#@t and isn't any different than any of the other liars that call themselves environmentalists. That's it. This is WAR!!!!!!



that paul dude is apolitical appointee vote those two old witches out to pasture.mamahummpin jacgoff

morons is all they are. Spread the anger to evry one ya Cali guys know. Put em out on their a$$es.


Do you see any motorcycle tracks near the tortise? The thing the wiped out the desert tortise was disease not off-roading. But, they neglect to state that fact. These people totally distort facts and even lie when it suits their agenda. Yes off-road activities leave marks in the landscape. But, so does a ski resort or, a golf course or, a housing track, or a freshly plowed field. These people are the personification of pure evil. Death Vally National monument is 17 million acres of no off-roading activity. Rocky mountian national park is several million acres of no off-roading. There are millions and millions of acres of private and protected lands for everyone to enjoy where off-roading is totally prohibited. But, that will not satisfy an extremist. We are all trying to do our part to get along. They will never do that. We need to tell it like it is. They are no different than the extremist that flew their planes into the twin towers! I have been riding for 40 years. Most of that time was spent in the California desert. Not ONCE in all that time did I or anyone I ever know run over a desert tortise. Not to say it couldn't happen. It just never did. Everyone I know would probably stop to check it out and admire it. Then move on leaving it unharmed. After all, thats one of the reasons we like riding out in the wilderness. Because we love it just as much if not more than they do. And, our only agenda it to have fun. Not to deny others the same right.


Amen, Paul. This guy Spitler was appointed to the OHV Commission and was expected to find ways to work out the issues with other users of the land. That was the whole purpose of the Commission. Instead, he commissions this garbage hit piece and poisons the entire process for everyone. He's gotta go.


The fact is that wildlife benefits from our trails. They use them as corridors to easily get through the brush and the trails are narrow enough to provide cover. We are and always have been nothing more than an excuse for the green groups. I have encountered more wildlife in my riding areas than in the wilderness. I am not saying that some of the free for all areas we have are good but areas with established trail systems are not a problem at all.

It is funny that they can have all the trails they want but when we have a small handfull of trails it is an emvironmental disaster. Fight back. Heck go to the enemies meetings and speak the truth. Call your Congressmen and Senators. Visit with the Forest service and BLM. Lets get our trails back!

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