99 Front Sprocket Socket??

What size is the giant nut holding the front sprocket on?? (99 WR400)

Searched and can't find it..............


Belief a 22mm

I think its bigger, my 28 and 30 didn't work...............(too small)

Just stick an open end adjustable on it, close it down/remove and measure the gap. :lol:

It's a 32mm on my 99 WR 400. Use a little heat on it if you can't break the nut loose. You may have to apply your brakes to hold the bike still or you can put a bar through the rear wheel and rest it on the swingarm. My daughter put the brakes on while I broke the nut loose and it worked good.

1 1/4" 6 point has worked for me in the past. 45 foot pounds torque. Hold rear brake with your foot to loosen/tighten.

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