I returned a pair of two month old Tracker boots to my local dealer because the sole was starting to seperate in two places and I'd blown a hole on the inside where it comes in contact with the brake pedal.They Purolated them back to Fox and a week and a half later I receive a new pair of boots!These are the first pair of actual riding boots(for some dumb reason I liked sneakers until I got old,scared,and hopefully a little wiser)so I don't know if there are quality issues with this boot or if I'm to blame.Whatever the reason, I was very impressed with Fox's response.Due to that one positive experience I will buy Fox products if all else seems equal. :)

i have pair of fox forma comp boots and they are most comfortable boot ive ever owned,my only complaint would be tread on sole isnt aggressive enough.its fine when im riding but if i have to walk on wet surface there a little slippery.i own a couple jerseys and pair of fox riding pants they are all very good quality.

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