Harescramble in 2 weeks, what do I need?

I'm a pretty inexperienced dirt rider going to give my first harescramble race a try. Help me make sure I'm prepared here. My 150R is all stock as far as engine and suspension. For trail protection I've got handguards, skid plate, radiator braces, and a brake snake. As for gear I've got thor core pants, a 661 pressure suit, probably going to get a camel back, but what about tear offs? Anything for myself or the bike I should have? Thanks!

chain guide plate you might want to remove it put washers to take up space if you hit any rocks it will rip the guide right off the swingarm.

Definately a camel back... I have raced MX for most of my life and started HS racing last season and got hooked. Best bang for your buck... Just remember to race your own race and pace yourself, I see so many riders try to blast buy me only to see them on the gound a few minutes later as I pass them. It is all about endurance and mantaining control over the long race. Have Fun

Definately a camel back...


camelbak ftw!! even doubles as extra protection for your back in case of a spill, take ice cubes and fill it 1/2 way, ice cold water all race long!

If this is your FIRST RACE I would be more concerned about just dealing with TRAFFIC and finishing the race....You will undoubtedly

be riding with experienced riders that will tend to get close to you in sections that may get you nervous....Just hold your line through turns and RIDE AT YOUR OWN PACE....

Have fun...BC

For my very first time do you think it would be a good idea to kind of let the majority of the pack go ahead off the start and fall in line with the last place guys?

I know I'm going to get my ass handed to me by the other riders and the elements, so I'm not asking about what I need to try and set up my bike to win. I just want to make sure I don't get hurt or have a crappy time because I didn't think about some essential piece of gear, or end up with a ruined bike because I forgot something like a skid plate because I know these races can be brutal on bikes.

Change your oil and adjust your valves also be sure your air filter is clean, 13-14 lbs in the tires. Bike prep is very important.

Youth hare scrambles are minimum of 1 hour and likely longer.

Get to the race early so you can make it thru signups in time.

Don't worry about getting to the back, the fast guys will be gone before you know it. Don't race it like a moto or you will be burnt out halfway thru.

Metal hand guards would be #1 on my list .....and don't forget to stop for gas if the race is long enough to need it.

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