Help on coming back after injury

I was racing back in July and i crashed and broke both bones in my lower leg in half. I was also ran over by two other bikes while i was on the ground. I had to have surgery to get a rod and screws in my leg. Two weeks ago the doctor released me to ride again. Now that i am able to ride i get nervous and scared very easily. anytime my bike bobbles or gets a little sideways i get very nervous. I was wondering how everyone else deals with mental fears when coming back after a serious injury. Will these fears pass? Any help on getting over them would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys

well ive never dealt with anything that hardcore but id say just take your bike somewhere you will be comfortable and just ride easy and get used to being back on it.

Broke my femur many years ago while riding. All I can say is that time heals...Just start out conservatively, and you will soon be at the top of your game. It took me over 2 years to recover 99%....

I broke 4 ribs when a rider hit me in the back in 2005. I've never raced since. I still trail ride though. I think it depends on your age and willingness to take a risk. If your a family man that has to be taken into account. I know winning is our goal when racing, and it is hard to be in control of the adrenalin rush.

I'd like to say get back out there and race. I'd sure like to myself, but I am out of shape and drink too much beer nowadays.

Good luck on your decision.

take the most familiar trails slow, rebuild courage. maybe ride a smaller bike if you're scared of losing control?

don't go out of your limits. build up your skill again.

have fun, you can do it

Same problem here. Broken tailbone 2 1/2 yrs ago. (Also have torn ACL from playing paintball. I wear a brace.) I was determined to ride again but very, very afraid of doing more damage to my body. I rode like a sissy my first time out but I'm getting more confident, going faster & relaxing more with each ride. Still not back to my old self yet, but I figure seat time will take care of it eventually.

I've noticed that riding by myself has helped more than riding with friends. Less stressful (mentally) that way & I can challenge myself at my own pace while overcoming my fears. Then again, I just ride trails where it's easy to get away from people.

It'll take time dude but you'll be ok.

I've noticed if you have psychological fears, you need to go easy... if you do things a little at a time and enjoy it safely, you can get used to it again, and then go to the way you were...

I've never had a problem coming back from injuries, but I image after one or two crashes you'll forget about it and be back to normal.

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