Trip meter to use with Roll charts

Can anyone recommend a trip meter, like a bicycle computer, to use while navigating rollcharts? i am not always gonna start at the beginning of the chart, so i need to be able to manually increment the trip meter to match the mileage on the roll chart.

Its my understanding that gps units do not work as well for this.

gracias is what you are looking for. VRL duel sport is what I have and it works very well.

Its my understanding that gps units do not work as well for this. gracias

My experience has been that my GPS is not a very accurate trip meter. A 200 mile trip will sometimes have a couple mile discrepancy from my bikes odometer. I think this is due to a combination of loosing single in heavy cover and how you configure the route setup. :lol:

I use the ICO on my Ktm 690E and it works fine.


Might want to look at Trail Tech for their Endurance and Vapor units. I've used the Endurance before and it works really well, until it's under water anyways.

+1 on the Vector. I like mine.

thanks, i'll check those out

Trail Tech ++++

I use the vapor for the tach feature, but it allows for trip adjustments also.


The vector is nice for trip meter changes without having to get far from the grips if your on the run and making changes via the optional handlebar mounted button.

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