S owners 15/41

I ride ALOT of highway-barely any offroad and if it is its all fast stuff. How do you guys like this gearing for the highway? Does it cut down on the vibes at all? Does it kill the clutch when pulling away from a stoplight or stop sign? Do you have to slip the clutch alot? I did a search and think this was the most commen gearing for the s. No I am not going to do the 16 front-heard too many stories of cutting into the swingarm etc. Any help or thoughts would be great.

My S came with a 16 up front with the stock 44 in the back - almost the same ratio as 15/44, and it worked just fine around town. To be fair - i never did any offroading with it where i might have had to work the clutch, but on the asphalt that ratio works fine.

I like 15/41 alot for the hwy and city. A little more clutch to get going, but not too bad. Still alot better than the 16/38 madness going on out there.

I've got 16/44 on mine (approximately the same ratio), and I don't find it difficult to manage. Vibes-wise, everything is okay up until about 60mph, then the fuzzies set in. I'm using bar-end mirrors, and even with Pro-Taper bars, there is a definite point at which cars behind me cease being cars and turn into colored blobs. The gearing is good for highway use though, my stock motor (with jet kit and 3x3) is still accelerating well at 80mph indicated speed.

That said, I'm currently working toward changing to 15/41; the 16 tooth sprocket has gnawed away at the chain slider on the swingarm, and even though the case-guard has been radiused, I still have some shiny areas on the chain that make me nervous. I plan to ride on 15/44 for a while, just to see how much more fun it is at lower speeds.....16/44 isn't so easy to wheelie. :lol:

So should I consider 15/40 instead of the 15/41? Has anybody done that one? Man I just wish they came out with a drz with a 6th gear, newer styling and tade bit more power.

15/40 should work fine. will work better with more hp though.

I just put on a 38 rear with the stock sprocket in front. I Also put SM wheels and tires on. I had to replace the chain because it was way too long with the 38. It's so much better on the highway now and around town. I have a JD kit with 3x3 and full yoshi RS-2 so its not lacking in power.

I use 15/39 for road use (3x3 JD kit). No problems with acceleration and good highway speed, cruising at 110kph. I didn't want to go higher because I didn't want lose to much punch out of the corners (love riding the twisties). Check out the gearing spreasheet to determine gearing options.

15/41 is fine. You will find it soft on top thought if you are running stock. It is nice though for the rpm drop on the top end. If you go FCR and exhaust you will love it for highway use. I comfortably run 70 to 80 mph all the time now.

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