TOP END HELP!!! Please

I'm an idiot and went down my bike sucked water while it was hot. I didn't know any better and tried to start it. :lol: It was really hard and after the first kick it lost almost all compression. I emptied all the water I could by taking off the plug setting the bike upside down and pumping the kickstarter. Also took off the pipe and emptied it. I also sprayed fogging oil in the top end to keep things from corroding.

Because I have almost zero compression I figure the piston or rings must be shot. Also hoping it didn't mess up the cylinder, but since it didn't start I don't think it did any damage to the cylinder.

What I need is suggestions on what top end to put back in it. Stock, Aftermarket (Wiseco?). Also I need some advice or video tuturials on taking apart the top end and putting it back on. Especially torque numbers on the bolts and how to keep the powervalve right. I'll also take apart the carb and completely clean that.

Also any ideas on how bad its gonna emty my wallet??

Please help I really messed up and have no one to blame but myself. :lol::p

if its just piston n rings then under $200, get it aprt as soon as you can so you can get the rest of the water out and get the main bearings oiled. I use stock parts myself.

Don't stress! :lol:

Happens all the time.

Step by step instructions with pictures on the sister site

Do it yourself. Learn sumptin. It's an easy fix. OEM is $250, aftermarket is $100. I've used aftermarket 3 times without a problem. Buy a name brand & you shouldn't have any problems.

I'm watchin you Mike! :p

Thanks for the help guys

sly, is it gonna rain up there Fri-SAt?

I hope it rains. We need it! :lol:

I'm ready for the Jungle Cruz ride!

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