06 KX450F tire marks

Does anybody else get rear tire marks under the back fender,or is it just mine.I feel my suspension works very good,but no matter what I do I can't get rid of my rear tire marks under the fender.

that just means that your shock is bottoming out and your tire is rubbing the plastic. if you feel your suspension works fine then dont worry about it. if you look even factory pros have tire marks on the underside of there fenders. especially on there outdoor bikes. if you start to notice that the bike is bottoming harshly just stiffen up your compression a few clicks untill it goes away.

Mattman is onto it. That mark is no big deal. Do also check our rear spring rate (ie. check rider sag vs static sag). If your rider sag is too low (too much) then your machine might not turn in real easy.

With the compression adjustment, fiddle with the high speed (turn nut in).

If the spring, sag and HSC are all OK, and you are not doing frequent hard rear wheel hits, then your rear shock might need a service (eg. crap oil in there), and maybe get it slightly re-valved while the shop is at it.

Since the bottom of the fender is not shiny I use a scotch pad to remove the tire marks. It doesn't get rid of it all but it fades it a lot.

I get those too. I think its just from going big!


Just thinking: Probably a good idea to have a look at your bottoming stopper on the shaft of the your shock. Maybe do a test with your spring out. It might be rooted.

I had my spring out a couple of weeks back but forgot the check the full up wheel travel. I've barely got a rub mark. I suppose the biggest flat landings I do are from about 3m up. Maybe a little more. Not sure. I never feel either end bottom out. Even if I land a little short on something sharp. But if I slide the shock stopper up or put a thin cable tie around the fork leg I can see that I use full travel. Just love my dampers.

You running a 120/90 tire by any chance? That'd make the wheel radius about a cm bigger than a 120/80 and cause more tire rub.

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