First time doing linkage bearings..

I got the linkage off and slide out that "capsule" underneath lie the bearings coated in this rubber coating..The coating was almost "decaying" so i removed the neeedles from it and greased them up and put em back in... now it feels choppy when i spin the "capsule thing" ... And also i cant get the nut off ffrom the frame mount... IMPOSSIBLE!!!... Am i doing this whole process right? Any suggestions?

spry the nut with wd40 and let it sit overnight, thats what i did.

Sometimes even brand new bearings feel choppy the first few rotations; mind you, the bearings don't rotate completely (even though I and many probably spin them around and around after lubrication), just back and forth a little. Press the grease into the bearings, not just on the surface, if you haven't done so already.

And as marine89 wrote, let the nut seep/soak overnight with a WD-40 type fluid.

What was that rubbery stuff i took off... is it just factory stuff to hold them in place>?

It's prolly dried dirty greese. Clean it all out, regrease and your done.

What was that rubbery stuff i took off... is it just factory stuff to hold them in place>?

Yamaha uses a permanent grease in many of the bearings. Thats the "swiss cheese" stuff we talk about. If you pack them often enough, the cheese goes away.

I just peeled it all off... is that ok? But the needles had rust on the i clean it off but i can only as much as i can in my home garage... and then i greased the SH*T outta them and threw them thing i forgot was.. the two bolts for each part of the linkage are different sizes which one goes where.......i wish my memory was bettter

My linkage bearings locked up and I took it apart and peeled off that swiss cheese stuff that was mentioned regreased them and put them back in as a temporary fix. A month later they were locked up again but you may have a different outcome. I'm getting new now, it was a harsh ride with them locked up.

I think its ok to remove the swiss cheese. It is described as a permanent lube. I dont know anyone who has been able to use it is such.

The linkage bolts..not sure I follow. The bolt through the swingarm is the same as the bolt that goes through the linkage middle position. Maybe this drawing will help.

I believe the worst thing that happens if you put one in the wrong spot is that the nut wont go on. Its pretty easy to see the error.

There is a fairly long one going through the frame to the linkage.

If the needles are rusted and you can't clean them up to their normal chrome apperance then the bearings need replaced. They will continue to lock up and be more work than they are worth.

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